Privacy Policy

Last updated: 28 Sep 2018
Privacy Policy

tanamduit constitutes services offered by PT Star Mercato Capitale ("Mercato") which enable users to make online Mutual Fund investment. Users are required to give their personal information which later can be used by Mercato in its day-to-day operational activities and the information given can be sent to any interested parties.

Although the data collected by Mercato are mandatory data which are required by regulatory agency, it is necessary for Mercato to inform users transparently how the data are managed by Mercato and for this reason this Privacy Policy is made and it constitutes an inseparable part of the Terms of Users in tanamduit.

Mercato highly appreciates and understands the importance of privacy of customers personal data and transaction information. In order to keep and maintain customers personal data and transaction information in the implementation of online transaction, Mercato provides User ID and Password, so that customers are able to access and use online transaction services. Customers will be able to use online transaction services using User ID and Password after the customers have registered themselves in tanamduit.

There are two types of information collected by Mercato, namely, as follows:

  1. The information which is voluntarily given by customers as a part of registration, KYC (Know Your Customer)procedure and ordering process, which may consist of personal profile data, residential address, family relationship, and financial condition. Customers can see the voluntarily given data in the My Account page. This data collection is required by regulatory agency and, therefore, such data may not omitted.
  2. Information produced by users as a result of using the application by users. This information may consist of IP address, the composition of and value of portfolio and technical information related to users mobile devices. Mercato will use these data to ensure that the application runs well.

Mercato will disclose the information and Customers data either to affiliated parties of Mercato to other parties except:

  1. With prior consent or prior instruction from Customers;
  2. In case there is a request from any authorized agencies, including but not limited to, District Attorney's Office, the Indonesian Police, Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (PPATK), Financial Services Authority (OJK), or in case there is a district court ruling which instructs Mercato to disclose the information and Customers data that Mercato has got.
  3. In case there is a regulation issued which requires Mercato to disclose the information and Customers data to any parties or public.
  4. In case of investor registration process for SBN retail through e-sbn system owned by Directorat General of Budget Financing and Risk Management of the Ministry of Finance.

Mercato is also responsible for contacting users periodically to ensure that Know Your Customer (KYC) is accurate and updated. This is a part of Mercato's operational activities. Users are obligated to provide correct and accurate information and make necessary data modification as needed.

In addition, users are expected to always modify necessary data voluntarily as needed through tanamduit portal.

Mercato will not be responsible for the use of information and Customers data by Customers themselves or other parties, which are used or misused, to access online transaction facility by using User IDs of Customers. Therefore, Customers are also obliged to keep the information and Customers data in order that such information and Customers data will not be possessed or used by other unauthorized parties.

Mercato assumes that users who decide to close their tanamduit accounts, they do not wish to use tanamduit services anymore. However, pursuant to the existing regulations, Mercato will keep the information for the period of 5 (five) years. For officers convenience, the five-year-period will start since users decide to terminate or stop the use of tanamduit.

The closure of tanamduit accounts may only be done if users have sold all Mutual Fund and Portfolio they own.

Mercato may change or modify Privacy Policy without prior notice to Customers. Those changes or modifications may be done periodically or from time to time randomly.


Mercato is a Mutual Sales Agent (APERD) and, that is why in its relationships with interested parties such as Bank Custodian or payment services providers, Mercato will provide users data to relevant parties for registration and Know Your Customer (KYC) process. In order to simply or ease the registration process with any third parties, Mercato will use the information and data that it has got to make online transaction such as transmission of transaction confirmation, account statement and others related to subscription transaction, redemption and the switching of Mutual Fund Participation Unit.

By agreeing to the terms of use of tanamduit, users agree to the switching, the notice of users data to any other relevant parties, in case the use of their data is to be kept and managed for conducting any customer-satisfaction-survey, the supervision of Anti Money Laundering (AML), reporting, providing statistical data, the needs for risk management, and for making whatever reports required by any regulatory agencies.